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Inplex DfMA Branding: Inplex - The future of custom builds


DfMA Branding: Inplex - The future of custom builds


Inplex is empowering the future of custom-build through their proprietary Monomer Building System™. Warren Liu and Soon Guan Ng, founders of Inplex, saw an opportunity to disrupt the traditional home-build sector by leveraging technology and innovative construction techniques. Their vision is to empower self-builders to design and build bespoke homes, more efficiently, more sustainably, with better value.

Tangible helped bring the founders' vision to life through Inplex's brand positioning, and the articulation of its product offer, the Monomer Building System™, into 3 components: Monomer Design, Monomer Build and Monomer Mobile.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible refreshed the brand identity for Inplex and extended the unique logotype to the three components of the Monomer Building System™.


After reviewing all of Inplex’s marketing materials, including their website and social media channel strategy, Tangible created  Visual & Verbal language for the brand to ensure their Brand Personality and key values can be better brought to life.


Finally we developed a launch plan for the new brand as well as a repository for all the Brand Guidelines and assets.

People & Culture

Tangible developed values for the brand to guide both behaviour of the staff members and key messages to be communicated to relevant stakeholders. This is to ensure what Inplex promised, they delivered!

Products & Services

Tangible defined and articulated the 3 phases of the Monomer Building System™:

  1. Monomer Design; which utilises Design-as-a-Service to create custom homes on any plot.
  2. Monomer Build; which uses light-gauge steel construction to fabricate pre-made components close-to-site. These modules are then assembled on-site, providing great value by saving time, materials and labour.
  3. Monomer Mobile; which allows partners to utilise the modular design and build process with a mobile factory offer.

Tangible also tested the key features and target audience benefits for each phase to understand customers’ preferences.