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Tangible branding agency Indonesia works with business leaders to create & leverage brands as strategic management tools by utilizing insights & data to drive innovation & change

Tangible is a brand strategy and business consulting firm, synergising the consulting and creative offers to give clients comprehensive solutions. We believe brands are strategic management tools that should go beyond simply delighting customers. That’s why we work with business leaders to define the purpose statement and identify how that purpose can be leveraged to drive innovation and change. Your brand’s purpose should be reflected throughout your entire stakeholder journeys. This includes your marketing and communications, your people and culture, your products and services, and  your spaces and places. With a clear brand purpose and an aligned team, you can create tangible change to drive your business forward.

Our Tagline

Making brands real to help businesses grow

(that’s why we’re called Tangible)

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Our Story

Tangible branding agency Indonesia was incorporated in 2008, with the ambition to leverage brands as strategic management tools and elevate the branding conversation beyond marketing and communications. Today, Tangible brand agency are one of Asia’s leading branding consultancies. Over the years, we have helped all types of businesses (startups to multinational corporations) from all types of business sectors, define their purpose and leverage their brands to drive innovation and change. Tangible Brand agency Indonesia help businesses and brands define their purpose & then bring them to life through; Marketing and Communications, People and Culture, Product and Services and Spaces and Places.

Our Values

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Do Right

We do right by our clients and are forthright in saying things as they are, and proactive in delivering advice & work that is robust & responsible

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Solve Problems

We love solving problems and creating ‘aha moments’ for clients; that’s why we take time to listen, understand the big picture and create solutions that work

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Look Ahead

We are curious and constantly look ahead to be up-to-date, so we curate the latest and apply what’s relevant to help clients develop & deliver their brands

Our Team

Charlie Scott

Brand Consultancy Tangible Charlie Scott

Kendrick C. P. Yu

Business Development Director
Brand Consultancy Tangible Kendrick C P Yu

Simone Chen

PR & Marketing Director
Brand Consultancy Tangible Simone Chen

Tiffany Mok


Chew Li Juan

Senior UX/UI Designer
Chew Li Juan

Farid Leong

Senior Designer

Whitney Ng


Sharon Yeo

Finance & Admin
Brand Consultancy Tangible Sharon Yeo

Abigael Tay

Interior Design Partner

Renjie Sun (RJ)

Video Production Partner

Steven Tjakra

Web Development Partner