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Inphase Better and safer outcomes for all


Better and safer outcomes for all


Prime BMD specialises in the construction of major civil infrastructure for private and government clients in the Philippines and the ASEAN region. Projects include the construction of roads, bridges, airports, rail, marine and water infrastructure, as-well-as residential and commercial projects.

To offer Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for smaller power generation plants and marine vessels, Prime BMD set up a wholly-owned subsidiary: 'Inphase O&M and Engineering Solutions'.

Inphase strives to provide better and safer outcomes for all. Driven to deliver outstanding results for clients, employees and communities, Inphase is committed to achieving the highest health and safety standards across all operations.

Tangible worked with the core team to articulate Inphase’s Vision, Mission & Values and bring them to life through their brand promise and visual and verbal communications system.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed a Visual Core Elements system for Inphase that reflected a dependable approach to O&M and engineering. The logo is a subtle nod to a ship turbine and a nautilus shell which conveys Inphase as a robust and reliable company.

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