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Unisoy Discover the exciting world of soy goodness


Discover the exciting world of soy goodness


First launched in 2006, Unisoy joined a growing market in powdered beverages. Unisoy started with a bold vision: 'To be a popular worldwide soya beverage & food lifestyle brand’ and like other competitors, Unisoy’s packaging reflected their lifestyle aspirations. Over the years Unisoy launched cereal & oatmeal offers, followed by a premium ‘Black Soy Milk’ product and more recently an Omega 3 product, to compete with other health focused instant beverages. The opportunity was to uncover Unisoy’s brand narrative and help the business become more pro-active in their product development. Tangible’s scope included reviewing the brand portfolio and packaging design to present a cohesive family of products driven by a unified purpose, thus avoiding new product development reacting to the prevailing market environment. Through testing both brand hypotheses and packaging designs, Tangible developed a brand architecture and packaging design around the purpose statement of “Discover the exciting world of soy goodness”.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible evolved the Unisoy logo to bring it up-to-date and developed a Visual & Verbal language for the brand that ensured Unisoy found its voice as a ‘Social, Active and Confident’ brand, sharing the exciting world of soy goodness. Tangible developed an informal copy writing style for the brand that included a pun on the word ‘soy’ to ensure it was used often. Lively soy-bean characters were also created to share their love for the products. All Unisoy’s marketing materials were then redesigned including the website and social media channels.

People & Culture

With a brand architecture, product portfolio and brand values in place, it enabled the Unisoy sales and marketing teams to review what soy-based products could be developed in the future. The three values of: ‘Dedicated to quality’, ‘Committed to nutrition’ and ‘Passion for innovation’ allowed the Unisoy team to focus their energy on delivering the brand promise to achieve their business vision. Tangible also developed uniform designs for both promoters and staff.

Products & Services

Tangible reviewed the brand architecture and product portfolio around occasions and introduced a premium range that focused on either premium ingredients (e.g.: Matcha Soy) or premium health benefits (e.g.: Probiotic Soy). Tangible then created a ‘Unisoy Gold’ sub-brand to reflect a premium product offer and price point. Packaging was developed for both the everyday ranges and the Unisoy Gold range to enable the premium products to stand out from the everyday range while still being clearly part of the same family.

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed a series of promotional and exhibition experiences for the brand, including; point of sale materials, a pallet display, as well as both trade and consumer show booths.

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