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Spire Research & Consulting Research & Consulting Branding: Spire - The Knowledge to decide

Spire Research & Consulting

Research & Consulting Branding: Spire - The Knowledge to decide


As a Research and Consulting firm; Spire could call themselves 'global' but prefer to take a more local approach. Although they have offices in 18 countries worldwide, they haven’t ‘productised’ their offer like many multinationals, instead they provide bespoke solutions with a focus on Asia. This means their capabilities are broad and the service levels are high-touch. Spire saw branding as an opportunity to align their offices behind a refreshed brand and move forward together.

Marketing & Communications

Tangible developed Spire’s brand identity and Visual & Verbal Core Elements to align with their brand positioning and personality. The new symbol is a stylised jigsaw piece with a subtle ‘S’ to illustrate Spire’s ability to fit customer’s needs with the right solutions. The colour palette maintained the legacy Spire had with Orange but moved the brand forward to a calmer, more thoughtful palette. The Jigsaw linkage became a thematic visual device to link information together. Tangible then developed a suite of communication applications and designed the new website to integrate with the social media strategy.

People & Culture

Zoom enabled Tangible to effectively engage Spire’s regional management teams in key work sessions. Tangible developed Spire’s three Brand Values to set project service delivery expectations.

Products & Services

Tangible developed Spire’s product menu after testing preferences with stakeholders. The list of capabilities under ‘Research & Consulting’ migrated to a customer centric menu that focused on objectives. Potential clients are introduced to three broad areas Spire cover: ‘Market Entry’, ‘Market Growth’ and ‘Policy & Society’. The product menu is then aggregated into capability areas, such as; ‘Industry Trends’ and ‘Market Trends’ with specific capabilities listed below. The results are that Spire can use the product menu to initiate discussion without leaping to specific capabilities under their offer.

Spaces & Places

Tangible developed reception signage for Spire together with conference call backdrops to ensure the brand was consistently implemented across key touch points.

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