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Issue 07: Q1 2014 - Demystifying Digital Branding

Demystifying Digital Branding

Issue 07: Q1 2014 / January 9, 2014
Charlie Scott
Founder and Creative Director

How can I make my website work harder?

We know some businesses need to rely on their websites more than others but if you still think of your website as a digital brochure you’re missing a lot of opportunities. Here are some quick fixes that may help drive more traffic your way.

1. Keep content fresh; new products, new projects & new ideas

If every time you went to your favourite website, they had the same tired stuff, would you go back as often? Can the same be said for your websites? So keep it fresh, change it, make it easy to update and do it often. Did you know search engines prefer fresh content?

2. Not having a mobile-friendly site helps your competitors.

Google commissioned a survey that found 50% of people said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website isn’t mobile-friendly.

You’ll need to decide whether to develop a Responsive or Adaptive site. Currently this should be a no-brainer; responsive sites are based on the screen size your visitor is using, not the browser or the device, so they’ll adapt as the ever-changing market of mobile devices, tablets & desktop interfaces evolves.

3. Search Engine Optimization is like hiring a sales team.

How much does your business spend on advertising every year? Much of that cost could perhaps be avoided, if your website is ranked well by search engines. Google is, of course, the king of search with 74.3% market share.

If search engines find your website contains valuable and unique information, they would give you a top ranking. If the search engines find your website to be totally lacking in quality content, you may be ranked so far down the list that no one will be able to find you.

4. As a brand ambassador, your website should express your purpose.

PacificLight’s purpose is to actively guide people to make informed energy choices, so that’s what the website did. Whatever your brand’s purpose is, people need to know.

5. Think of your website as part of your digital strategy not all of it.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough for businesses to think about their single, standalone websites any more. Your website is part of a digital eco-system and you have to think what is the role of your website in this eco-system.

Success Stories:
Fast Company: Stitching hard & soft copies together beautifully
Fast Company: Stitching hard & soft copies together beautifully

Just google; ‘best online business magazine’ and you will find Fast Company has great SEO, a beautiful and responsive website and they continually produce stimulating content.

If you sign up for their email newsletters (which have 7 different themes) you will be plugged straight into their innovation conversation.

It’s no coincidence that the design of their website falls perfectly into the ‘golden ratio’ either. Hats off to these guys.

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