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Issue 01: Q3 2012 - 3 Tips to Check the Health of Your Brand

3 Tips to Check the Health of Your Brand

Issue 01: Q3 2012 / July 9, 2012
Charlie Scott
Founder and Creative Director

3 pointers to see if you should consider a branding programme

How can you check that your business is leveraging the potential of its brand? Here are three pointers to ensure your brand is fully utilized.

1. Can you describe why your business does what it does?

Are you simply in business to make money or are you really good at something? Remember the saying: “Do what you love and the money will come” and: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”? If your company can articulate what it loves doing, you’ve just described your brand.

Remember it’s not what you do (making paint) but why you love doing it (adding colour to life). Once you have figured out the hard bit, you’re in business. You can now get on with aligning your organization to deliver your promise to your stakeholders.

2. What product, service or feature justifies your brand promise?

Having key products, services, features or intellectual property means that your brand has tangible assets to justify its brand promise. It also means your business has something to believe in and make it really excellent.

GE realised ‘imagination at work’ within their healthcare division by miniaturizing the big healthcare screening machines they used to make for hospitals, so doctors could take portable machines into remote areas. It’s a great example of GE delivering on its brand promise of ‘imagination at work’.

3. Are your staff committed to your brand?

Do your staff believe in your business? This may be the most important pointer of all. There are hundreds of case studies and CEOs who attribute their business success to the ability to attract and retain the best talent. If you have to work for a living, then what could be better than working for a company you believe in and one that believes in its brand(s).

A recent customer experience survey suggested that 70% of customers are willing to pay 13% more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service. Excellent customer service comes from good training and a genuine belief in the offer.

Success Stories:
AUDI: The new king of Germany?
AUDI: The new king of Germany?

Already Western Europe & China’s best selling luxury car Audi is aiming to overtake BMW’s worldwide sales by 2015? The only problem is the U.S., where Audi’s image simply hasn’t been strong enough. If you look at the luxury market, that’s what buyers buy… IMAGE. Audi are looking to rectify this with new U.S. production facilities, refreshed marketing & the product appeal to justify their brand promise of ‘progress through technology’.

Read more: Audi Sees Newest Vehicles Overtaking Other Germans in the U.S

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